Thursday, March 27, 2014

It takes Two

Back in September I wrote a blog about a few pet peeves I have. I left one out, but today I shall rant on! Actually, not rant, just say out loud the thing that bothers me right now (and for the past few years) and what I have done and what I will do about it going forward. So, what has gotten me all worked up? *Deep inhale* Narrow parking spaces.

I realize that businesses, in an effort to get more people into their establishments, try to squeeze as many parking spaces as possible into their parking lots. Here's the thing: if people cannot open their car doors enough to get out of their cars, they cannot go into your business. Perhaps the smaller spaces are a subliminal way they (whoever they are) are trying to get people to buy smaller cars, be smaller people, or tote less stuff. I don't know.

No, I do not drive a Smart Car, or a Fiat, or a Mini Cooper. I drive a truck. A BIG truck. A W-I-D-E truck. The vehicle occupies the ENTIRE space with the doors closed. I like to exit the truck when I've arrived at my destination and that requires opening the door. Yes, I like to open the door all the way so I can get out in comfort. I do not like to shimmy and wiggle out of the vehicle afraid my door may tap the neighboring car. And when I have to remove Little Man from his seat, I need to open the door all the way. Even more so when I'm wrestling him into his seat.

I understand that the size of my vehicle and my comfort are not the concern of other people. In an effort to not make my issues the problem of others, I park waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the very back of the parking lots. Rain and shine. Still, someone will eventually park next to me and I will not be able to put Little Man into the car or get myself in without tapping the neighbor. God forbid a wind come up and grab the carefully balanced door and slam it into the next car. Best laid plans....

So, what to do? Going forward I have vowed to be "that person." I will continue to park in the nether regions but from now on I will park directly over the dividing line thus occupying two spaces so I may fling open my doors wide with abandon! No worries, no neighbors. I suggest that others take this pledge to be two-spacers until they (whoever they are) make parking spaces wider and more accommodating to those of us with trucks, Suburbans, Escalades, Expeditions or other comfortable family car. Let's ALL be two-spacers!

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