Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yes, Little Man, There are Red, White, and Blue Pirates

Last Friday our Little Man turned 4 years old. I can't believe 4 years have passed - it seems like such a long time but at the same time, it seems like no time at all. Perhaps that's because I am sleep deprived and my sense of time is all muddled. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to involve him in his party planning so that he could have a party he'd enjoy.

Me: Little Man, what type of birthday party do you want?
Little Man: I want a red, white and blue pirate birthday party.
Me: A pirate party? Okay.
Little Man: No, Mama. *rolls eyes* A red, white, and blue pirate birthday party.

You can find red, white and blue 4th of July themed party items. You can find pirate themed party items. But red, white, and blue pirates? Well..... that's a bit more difficult. I was further hampered by the fact that I am not Martha Stewart. Husband found a website that had pirate party ideas that were helpful.

Pirate ship tree house adorned with red, white, and blue streamers
Photo by LeeAnn Rhoden

Fortunately, when it comes to pirates, Little Man has two very specific obsessions -- swords and treasure maps. That made a cohesive thread possible - treasure map invitations, treasure map thank you notes, treasure map cake. For the favors - inflatable swords (so no one would put an eye out), eye patches, pirate masks, pirate hats. These were all stuck in, yes, pirate buckets that were actually red white and blue! There were also poppers and pinwheels to celebrate our nation's birthday. And for fun there was a treasure chest piƱata. Nothing quite like 4-year olds swinging a wooden sword as hard as they can at a swinging object. Duck!

It's amazing how much fun 4-year old boys can have with inflatable swords in a pirate ship tree house. It is also amazing how exhausted 4-year old boys can make their parents! Husband and I were zombies by the end of the day and I believe we slept most of the following day. This morning Little Man came to me with a question:

Little Man: Mama, can I have a birthday party tomorrow too?
Me: No. You have to wait until next year to have another party.
Little Man: Oh. Okay. I want a 4th of July, red, white and blue prince and knight party next year.
Me: Oh. Okay.

I'd better start planning. Time flies and I'm really not sure what day it is any more. Anyone have Martha's phone number?

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