Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 6 of the October Platform Challenge

For today we are supposed to start a Twitter account. Fortunately, I already have one. But in order for us writers to be found we need to make sure we are publicly open and we Tweet at least once per day to show that we are and our account is active. Further, we should follow and accept follows from those people who can help us in our careers: other writers, agents, publishers, editors, readers groups, etc. He gave us list of his top 50 people and things to follow. I'm still following.

I used to be more active on Twitter and certainly on Saturdays it's fun to #Alabama and tweet while the game is on with other fans. I have linked my author's Facebook page to my twitter account so anything that I post there will also post on Twitter so that helps save time. I also use Hootsuite where I can post to any of my social media, even different posts simultaneously. AND I can schedule posts so I don't even have to be home.

What I need to do is to go through my follows and cull the ones that are unnecessary or ones that I don't really need to follow. I also need to set up groups so I can Tweet to just those people the messages I want them to see..

Perhaps in the not too distant future I'll take a "Tweet Day" and get organized. Bwah! Who knew being social on social media would be like work?!

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