Monday, January 28, 2013


When I was young it seemed like time stood still. It took sooooo looooong to get to Christmas or my birthday. The school year lasted an eternity (fortunately I liked school) and summer was just as dragging. I don't think I ever used the term "already" in relation to time until I was in college. "It's mid-terms already? Maybe I should go to class." (Just kidding, Dad)

As I've gotten older the word "already" has become part of my daily vocabulary. In fact, it starts my day. "It's morning already?" And so it goes with all my tasks throughout the day. Little Man is up already? The washer stopped already? It's bedtime already (finally!)?
I don't know if time flies because I'm older (and probably a little slower) or if I just try to cram too much stuff into my day. And as a planner there is nothing worse, or more stressful, than leaving things on the list undone (gasp! the horror!). And the whole point of a list is to avoid the "already" and be "all ready." Enough already!

Fortunately, I'm in the last chapters of my novel already. The trial has started already and several of the characters have already testified. Soon it will conclude and I'm all ready for that to happen.

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