Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Now?

So, I didn't blog on Monday. No big deal, right? For those of you who do read my blog you probably were relieved to have a respite from the notification that I posted something. For those of you who don't read my blog, well then you didn't notice so the point is moot. Anyway, I was not out enjoying myself or off on some exotic vacation. No, I was home with a migraine. I used to get them fairly regularly but I haven't had one, a bad one, in a long time.

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So, while I'm in pain and trying to find a happy medium of quiet and not too bright light, the Little Man is driving his trucks, making vroom-vroom sounds, dancing to the tunes on the cartoons on TV and singing. I took him upstairs with me so I could lay down and hopefully he'd nap so I could nap. No. While I was laying down I became a mountain over which the truck and train drove. My covering was a cave under and through which he crawled, with train and truck and car, and toys. He would put his face in my face and talk or sing to me, pat me on my head (just what I needed) and say, "Mama sleep." I wish.
Now that it's gone I'm still not right. What now!? I've had what I thought to be a cold for several weeks. I just thought I had a cold, gave it to my husband and the Little Man who in turn gave it back to me. We have a strict sharing policy in our home. But then I started thinking about allergies. Could I be allergic to something that's pollinating? Hmmmm. Sure enough, seed trees are the big pollinating thing right now in our area. Seed trees such as maples, elms, oaks, mimosa and sweet gum trees. Since I never had a problem with maple, elms, oaks or mimosa trees before my money is on sweet gum trees. These are also new to me. Never having had one near me before I wouldn't have had a way to know if I was allergic or not.  Lucky for me I can test my hypothesis by stepping outside into our back yard - we have a tone of them!

So, after suffering with an inability to breathe I decided to ditch the tissue box in favor of allergy medicine. This is BIG for me. I rarely take anything for anything. See above migraine - no, I didn't take pain meds. I usually just take my vitamin and my blood pressure medication and that's it. No, I'm not a freak. No, I'm not against pharmaceuticals. No, I'm not into crystals and herbs. I have found that, most of the time, medications just don't work for me. This time, I gave in. Low and behold! I can breathe! I'm not coughing. I don't feel the need to blow my nose every two minutes! AND I can think! I think I'll start putting aside cash to have the trees removed and banished from our yard.
Now you are wondering what all this rambling has to do with my novel and my writing. Well, a lot! Like it's hard to write (sit up, look into a bright computer screen, and think about your storyline or listen to your characters talk) when your head is pounding. And it is difficult to write through the fog of congestion and tissues when you have allergies or a cold. Fortunately, I'll be able to get back on track and finish this novel before my head explodes. What now? Maybe I should give my protagonist a migraine?

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