Friday, April 26, 2013

What Is It?

Photo by David Castillo
Ever been thinking about someone and suddenly they call? Or have you ever been somewhere you don't normally go and run into someone you haven't seen in a long time? It happens to me all the time. We call it coincidence or serendipity.

Paraphrasing my 1980 American Heritage Dictionary, coincidence is a series of events that appear to have a relationship and serendipity is the ability to make lucky discoveries. Personally, I believe that there's more Fate involved than events just appearing to be related or just luck. But then that's me. I prefer serendipity because it is active - you do something - whereas coincidence is passive - it happens to you. Serendipity is also more fun to say.

Recently, through coincidence, or serendipity, or fate, I have reconnected with an old friend, made a new friend and have met someone who volunteered to help me with editing my novel! Throughout my life coincidence, serendipity, or fate, has played a major role in bringing into my life wonderful people and experiences including my husband and if I go back far enough even the fact I exist is due to serendipity on my parents' parts. And that holds true for all of us.

William Shakespeare
Authors use serendipity in their writing to move along their storyline. The detective who stumbles upon that important clue, the heroine who meets her knight in shining armor or her finds her perfect career or her magical gift. Shakespeare wrote an entire play using coincidence, A Comedy of Errors. Which you must see performed to appreciate the physical humor.

How has coincidence worked in your life to move your storyline? What do you believe? Is it Fate? Coincidence? Or Serendipity?

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