Thursday, August 8, 2013

I See!

Rest Time by Michelle Meiklejohn
I was in my mid-thirties, not so long ago, and teaching 7th grade, when I realized admitted I needed reading glasses. No big deal, I went to the corner drug store and bought a pair. These served me well for a few number of years, at least until after Little Man was born. Then, I discovered the world was just a little out of focus.

The ophthalmologist confirmed I had hyperopia. Technically, that meant my arms were too short to hold things or books or the baby out to where they were in focus. To correct this he prescribed glasses with progressive lenses. The glasses would make up for the shortness of my arms. It worked! And I'm pleased to tell you that the Little Man is as handsome as I thought he was.

Recently, due to the fact I am doing more things that require more
Sweater vest I knitted for my husband
up-close work like writing, editing, reading, knitting, and needlepoint; I've found that the progressive lenses just aren't as comfortable as reading glasses. The are great for driving, reading menus, playing with the toddler, gardening, and anything active. Focused activities, not so much. So I returned to the drug store and recently purchased a new pair of reading glasses.

I love them because I can use them on the computer and anytime I'm doing work that requires rapt attention up close. Just don't look up, it makes you dizzy! Not that I notice really, I wore them half a day the other day and thought I just had a headache. Anyway, with my new glasses and a new red pen, I'm looking forward to finishing my edits!!

And now that we are on the topic of my novel, I had chosen the title Poison. I was excited but now I'm not so much. I'm considering posting a blurb (a mini synopsis) about it and running a title contest. The winner will get a free copy on my novel! Are you up for that? Leave me a comment!!

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