Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another New Day, Another New Year

Image by Stuart Miles
It's New Year's Day and thus a day to hang out in front of the fireplace and watch football between naps and meals. Many people stayed up to watch a ball (or some other symbolic object) drop, drink irresponsibly, and then made resolutions on how they're going to change their lives for the better. Some others rose with the sun and greeted the new day and new year with coffee and renewed energy to make resolutions on how they're going to change their lives for the better.

I did not stay up. I did wake up when the neighbors set off fireworks to ring in the New Year. I did not get up at dawn, but I was woken up when the Little Man came to me because he wet the bed. I started the day with roughly five hours of sleep. That's alright, I don't need to be coherent since I don't make resolutions. I do, however, set goals.

Image by pakorn
This year's goals are ambitious. For kicks and giggles here are a few of them:
  1. Teach Little Man to dress himself.
  2. Teach Little Man table manners - or at least how to eat with utensils.
  3. Teach Little Man how to read and write.
  4. Complete front yard curb appeal of the house - with the exception of taking down the big trees.
  5. Complete the "easy" renovations of the house. "Easy" means that only wallpaper needs to be removed or minor drywall repairs need to be done. The "MAJOR" renovations, like the kitchen or bathrooms, will be another time.
  6. Put in a vegetable garden.
  7. To FINISH my revisions/rewrite on my novel and to finish the other one I've been nibbling at.
  8. To organize my writing schedule and stick to it.
  9. To get to the gym.
  10. To finish my knitting projects before starting a new one.
  11. To organize my craft/project schedule and stick to it.
It is ambitious if you take the list as a whole. But each new day begins a new year and a whole new opportunity to catch up on the list, add to the list, or subtract from the list. Focusing on only one goal at a time makes it a little easier to complete. I don't worry about whether or not my goals, meeting them or not, will change my life for the better. My life is perfect the way it is.

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